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Acme Packet Net-Net Session Directors

Technical Assistance Available Redundant Pairs, Single Units, and Parts in stock
Net-Net 9200
Net-Net 6300
Net-Net 4600
Net-Net 4500
Net-Net 3820

Sonus Networks

SBC 7000
SBC 5210
SBC 5100
SBC 2000
SBC 1000
Lots of cards and chassis in stock:
CNS85, CNS86, CNS81, SPS80, SPS70,
CNS71, CNS60, PNS41, PNS40, CNA80
MNS26, MNS21, MNS20, CNA60, MNA25,
MTA10a, MTA20a, PNA45, CNA08, CNA06
CPIM81, CNA81, CPIM71, CNA70, etc.

Nextone MSX / MSW Session Border Controllers
Genband S3 SBC

Technical Assistance AvailableRedundant pairs of Nextone SBC's in stock

Jarrell and Annapolis Servers available

Gnodal 10GbE and 40GbE Ethernet Switches

Low-Latency switches - New-in-Box
Blow out pricing!
Gnodal GS7200 - 72 x 10GbE ports
Gnodal GS4008 - 40 x 10GbE and 8 x 40GbE ports
Gnodal GS0018 - 18 x 40GbE ports

Spec sheets are located here:
Gnodal GS7200
Gnodal GS4008
Gnodal GS0018

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